Motorola G5S Plus Review & Pros And Cons

Picture of the Motorola G5S Plus, by Motorola

- Analysis by Christelle Nina

From the pros and cons that we have listed below, it's quite clear that the Motorola G5S Plus is a smartphone with an ambition. That is, it strives to offer features and specs that are usually found on much-higher-end devices, while still maintaining the market status of a mid-range model.

It harbors two 13-megapixel cameras on its rear , which also houses a color-balancing LED flash . This rear camera setup is able to record 4K videos at 30fps . An 8-megapixel shooter holds territory in front, and while the resolution isn't too astounding, it has a wide-angle lens and an LED flash of its own .

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The G5S Plus also offers the advantage of having nano-coated parts , which makes it resistant to spills and splashes. Note, however, that it is not completely-waterproof.

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Motorola took a step back with this smartphone's display. At 5.5 inches and 1080p, it's more-or-less average for a mid-range model . Having been protected with a Gorilla Glass 3 cover is a plus, nonetheless.

The decision to not go all-out with the display becomes understandable after seeing the size of the G5S Plus' battery (on top of cost-cutting reasons, of course). Its screen's specs balances out its other more powerful features, so that the unimpressive 3000mAh battery won't experience as much strain. Beside fuel tanks from its rivals, such a magnitude of power looks pretty standard. Needless to mention, numerous battery-focused devices easily trumps this phone in this specific department.

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Performance-wise, the G5S Plus chose to stick to a processor with a not outstanding -- but still respectable -- clock speed of 2GHz. Its 4GB RAM is a different story, however, as this is another spec more frequently-seen on higher-end devices.

We end this pros and cons analysis with this device's physical and aesthetic qualities. Its metal unibody is, as always, a plus. However, perhaps in reference to its promising features, it's thicker and heavier , at 9.5mm and 168 grams, than what we have hoped.

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All of these show that the folks at Motorola probably had value-hunters in mind when coming up with the G5S Plus. It has a collection of highly-promising features, but of course, it has its own downsides, as well -- namely, its not-so-impressive battery and thick and heavy body.

** This phone is also known as: Motorola XT1806

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