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- Analysis by Christelle Nina

At the forefront, the Nokia 5's aluminum unibody makes the smartphone appear more luxurious than it really is . Being the middle option among Nokia's very first lineup of Androids, such a sleek-looking exterior is a definite pro. Adding to its physical pros and cons is its fingerprint scanner , a feature that, in the context of February 2017, is not commonly seen in its price tier. Its 8.05mm-thick body, however, is bulkier than many of its counterparts from other brands, albeit marginally . As such, sticklers for ergonomics may find themselves in a small dilemma.

Like the more premium Nokia 6 and the cheaper Nokia 3, this smartphone doesn't miss out on running a "pure" version of Android Nougat -- much to the delight of hardcore Android fans who like their phones clean and clutter-free. The octa-core Snapdragon 430 processor that it runs on (which is the same processor used by Nokia 6), is a bit more competitive in this setup. A 1.4GHz CPU in a mid-range phone isn't unheard of, but it gives the Nokia 5 enough speed for it to not be regarded as a con.

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As far as its imaging pros and cons are concerned, phones with a 13-megapixel main camera come aplenty in the mid-range category (among the latest releases, at least), but the real treat lies in its 8-megapixel selfie sensor , which beats the options offered by higher-tier models like the iPhone 7 and LG G5.

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What may hold the Nokia 5 back is its display resolution. While 1280 x 720 pixels doesn't sound at all tragic, the fact that some similarly-priced Androids come with 1080p displays remains. This results to a sub-300DPI screen , which is unimpressive as viewed among the sea of 400DPI-plus competitors.

When it comes to power-related specs, the Nokia 5 comes with a 3000mAh battery that promises relatively-impressive longevity (in true Nokia fashion, you may say). Information regarding exact usage and talk times isn't available just yet, but we expect them to be longer than what you would anticipate from similar models, given the Nokia 5's more low-res display.

All in all, this Android offers a comfortably-mid-range option. Not all of its aspects are impressive, but its premium-looking design and clean interface may be highly-attractive to potential buyers.

** This phone is also known as: Nokia Five, Nokia V

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