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- Analysis by KJ David

Even though it is pitched by NUU Mobile as a flagship smartphone, this Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 release seems like a semi-high-end unlocked smartphone at best, at least insofar as our review of its pros and cons is concerned.

Its slight drawbacks include a MediaTek Helio P60 eight-core processor whose 2GHz top speed makes it sound lackluster versus the processors powering the best octa-core smartphones featured in on Phonerated -- the models in that category usually clock in at roughly 2.5GHz. It also only comes with 3750mAh of raw power , whereas 4000mAh was the sweet spot for high-end models around the time of this specs-based analysis. Its battery, however, is aided by pros like a 10W wireless charging capability and NUU's Adaptive Battery technology.

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Although its processor does not sound that promising, the NUU Mobile G4 lines up with some full-fledged high-end contenders when it comes to RAM count, packing 6GB's worth of RAM . Also, relative to its other features, its 128GB native memory expandable by up to 256GB sounds tolerable. Note that NUU also ships a 64GB-only variant.

Its biggest selling point comes in the form of a 16- plus 8-megapixel dual-lens primary camera infused with AI optimizations. On the opposite side, it touts an appreciable 16-megapixel selfie cam that brings to mind some upmarket selfie-oriented smartphones.

As for its display, the G4 sports a large 6.2-inch IPS interface with a 2246 x 1080 Full HD+ resolution that we think fits into its semi-high-end feature set just right. Its pros and cons also include facial recognition for security, 4G-LTE network connectivity, and support for NFC (Near Field Communication).

Offered in Black, Blue, and a limited Ceramic White edition, the NUU G4 makes for a fitting choice for those who are in the market for a photography-driven large-screen Android phone.

** This phone is also known as: NUU G4

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