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- Analysis by KJ David

Nuu Mobile's X5 does not shoot for anything mind-blowing in terms of technical specs, but it does feature a likely-nifty pro, in the form of the brand's Konnect i1 eSIM technology . This feature allows those who travel internationally to roam on local wireless rates, consequently sparing you the trouble of hunting down a local SIM card during out-of-the-country trips.

As for the rest of its pros and cons, the X5 sports a tolerable 5.5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) 400ppi display, though its multi-touch support, which is limited to 5 points only , winds up as a slight drawback, since plenty of other models in this class support up to 10 points. It is also only offered in black and white , opting against the gold and rose gold trends among high-end devices around its CES 2017 outing.

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Heading over to its pros, it is equipped with a fingerprint scanner , letting you secure phone and application access. Also, it joins the Octa-core Club by running on a MediaTek MT6750T 1.5GHz eight-core processor clubbed with a hefty-enough 3GB RAM . Its 2-year limited warranty comes off as an unsung selling point as well, knowing that many other brands stick to the standard 1-year warranty.

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For storage, the Nuu X5 owns a satisfactory 32GB on-board memory and supports up-to-128GB external memory cards , which, sadly, not many competing mid-rangers offer. Stamina-wise, its 2950mAh battery capacity also sounds just about right, but why not just go for a full 3000mAh (OCD alert)? .

A few more of the X5's pros and cons include a 13-megapixel BSI-sensor main camera with Live Photos , which should hold its own versus what most models in this class offer, and a 5-megapixel wide-angle (Nuu did not specify exactly how wide) selfie cam with autofocus . 4G LTE connectivity and NFC hop aboard as well.

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Topped off by an all-metal frame and Android 7.0 Nougat, Nuu's X5 serves as a passable option for those trying to avoid the typical hassles of international roaming when traveling.

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