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- Analysis by KJ David

Released by OnePlus in November of 2018, the 6T introduces several tweaks to the original OnePlus 6's assortment of pros and cons, such as a slightly-larger display and a bit more battery power, while sticking to roughly the same formula that placed its mother model alongside some of the best large-screen smartphones as of this specs-driven review.

Sadly, though, this T-version suffers from similar setbacks as its base model. For instance, it still opts for a 1080p (2340 x 1080, to be exact) sharpness on its otherwise flagship-caliber 6.4-inch Optic AMOLED 19.5:9 display , despite some of its high-class competitors shooting for 2K-1440p definitions. As a consequence, it scores a measly (by 2018 flagship measures) 402ppi pixel density count that shudders in comparison to the more-than-500ppi counts boasted by some popular VR-ready phones listed here on Phonerated.

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Just like its base model, the OnePlus 6T also passes up on a microSD card slot , although its 256GB maximum inbuilt storage is far from disappointing. Joining its storage memory under the hood is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 eight-core chip clocking in at a maximum of 2.8GHz , which is coupled with a massive 8GB LPDDR4X RAM (OnePlus also ships a 6GB-only version), plugging it into our list of premium-class 8GB-RAM phones outright.

Battery-wise, although the 6T comes with 3700mAh of power, which is a significant boost from its base model's 3300mAh, we are not ready to call it a pro just yet, considering the number of similarly-specked 2018 models packing 4000mAh (or higher) batteries in the engine room.

As for imaging, the 6T plays it rather safe by bringing back the original model's high-resolution 16- plus 20-megapixel dual-lens rear camera whose key features include 4K-2160p video-recording, AI-powered scene recognition, as well as both optical and electronic image stabilization. Perched on its display notch is a 16-megapixel selfie camera accompanied by Screen Flash and face retouching, although one limited to a fixed-focus capacity only .

With OnePlus's signature Alert Slider physical key and an impact-resistant Gorilla Glass 6 cover glass rounding out its pros and cons, the 6T is obviously tailored to upmarket shoppers eying a competitively-specked wide-screen smartphone.

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