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- Analysis by KJ David

The OnePlus 7 is a flagship smartphone that closely follows the footsteps of its OnePlus 6 predecessor in terms of technical pros and cons. Having said that, its list of specs was not immune from our keen eye for weak points.

Among its drawbacks is its 256GB on-board memory capacity that is easily overshadowed by the 512GB storage caps boasted by some competing phones within its price group, not to mention that this OnePlus edition does not have a memory card slot for storage expansion.

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We also flagged its 2340 x 1080 FHD+ screen resolution as a slight con, if only because its spacious 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED 19.5:9 screen would have been a good venue for a premium-class 2K-1440p sharpness. That notwithstanding, its screen still lines up with those of some leading phablets featured here on Phonerated, coming with a 2.5D Gorilla Glass finish and an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Its biggest pro comes from the imaging department, in the form of a whopping 48- plus 5-megapixel double-lens main camera that possibly holds its own ground versus those of the best photography-driven smartphones on the market. Among its features are the 4-in-1 pixel technology that combines four pixels into one large 1.6-micron pixel (for crisper images), an Ultra HD (2160p) video-recording mode, an a set of AI optimizations.

The OnePlus 7 also touts a 16-megapixel fixed-focus front-facing camera that carries the phone's facial recognition system.

Although we cannot help but wish that it came with a little more than 3700mAh of power , this OnePlus model nevertheless hits the 2019 high-end yardstick hardware-wise, running on the AI-aided Snapdragon 855 eight-core 2.84GHz (peak speed) engine that lines it up with some of the fastest Androids in town. Accompanying its premium-tier (as of this review) engine is an Adreno 640 graphics engine and a massive 8GB RAM .

The rest of its pros and cons include NFC support, 4G-LTE Cat 16/13 connectivity, and a Mirror Gray or Red finish.

All said, the OnePlus 7 has the makings of an Android phone befitting mobile photographers and hardcore gamers.

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