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- Analysis by KJ David

It's impossible to start a review of the 2017 Plum Gator 4's specs without talking about its colossal 5000mAh battery , which instantly puts it besides other big battery phones on the market, not to mention that it boasts more than twice as much as what the Gator 3 (Its direct predecessor) packed.

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Having said that, the high power capacity is almost wasted on this Plum phone, given that a bunch of primitive drawbacks populate its mix of pros and cons. Among these are its lack of full-blown 4G-LTE connectivity , instead settling for an HSPA+ network adapter. It also comes with a measly 5-megapixel-only selfie camera , but at least its rear cam, which is a 13-megapixel LED-flash shooter, is satisfactory. Additionally, it comes with a couple of underwhelming cons on the hardware front, in the form of a basic-level 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek 6580 processor and a 1GB-only RAM .

The aforementioned setbacks might have been Plum's way of accentuating the Gator 4's big battery, though, since pros like an 800-hour standby time and a 28-hour (1680 minutes) talk time join in on the action. Furthermore, it houses its low-end features inside an IP68-certified rugged shell , making it impervious to dust and water as well as resistant to everyday shocks or accidental drops (Check out more rugged devices here). It also has a rubber-plus-metal frame , while a damage-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3 cover glass sits right on top of its mundane 5-inch 1280 x 720 (HD) 294ppi display .

Among its remaining pros and cons are a decent (considering its the rest of its features) 8GB memory expandable by up to 64GB and the Android 7.0 Nougat ecosystem. It is only available in black, but it comes with either a grey or an orange accent.

Looking back, the Plum Gator 4 might flounder versus the fastest phones out there, but it certainly overpowers many popular flagships when it comes to battery life span. Its endurance, paired up with its rugged features, make it a solid choice for outdoorsy users who don't mind forgoing technical niceties if it meant they got hold of a gritty, heavy-duty Android.

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