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- Analysis by KJ David

A May 2019 addition to Samsung's family of mid-level to high-class Galaxy A smartphones, the Galaxy A80 is geared towards mobile photography enthusiasts and gamers. Unlike most of the leading photography-first smartphones listed here on Phonerated, however, this 6.7-incher comes with a non-expandable 128GB native memory -- many similarly-specked phones boast 256GB storage caps and offer memory card slots for external storage. Also, considering its upscale pros and cons on the imaging and hardware departments, it could have reached for a 2K-1440p facade . Instead, its 6.7-inch Super AMOLED screen settles for an FHD+ definition of 2400 x 1080 only.

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The Samsung Galaxy A80's biggest pro is a premium-class (as of this specs-based review) triple-lens camera consisting of a whopping 48-megapixel f/2.0-aperture primary lens, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens for shots of up to 123 degrees wide, and a TOF (time-of-flight) camera for 3D photography and object mapping. Additionally, while it does not sport a distinct front-facing camera , the A80's aforementioned triple camera instantly pops out when rotates 180 degrees when the cam's front-facing mode is toggled, letting users use the same three-lens setup for selfies or groupfies.

Looking inside its engine room, the A80 sounds so-so compared to the fastest smartphones on the market, running on a dual-cluster octa-core processor that peaks at 2.2GHz only , whereas a good number of its high-end rivals use 2.5GHz (or faster) engines. That said, its 8GB RAM safely lined up with those of some competing flagships when it hit the shelves.

As for stamina, this Galaxy A edition banks on a 3700mAh cell , which we flagged as a slight con, if only because some of its competitors have at least 4000mAh of raw power in the tank. That setback is countered by the A80's 25W Super Fast Charging technology , though.

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Joining its mix of pros and cons are the Dolby Atmos audio system and an on-screen fingerprint scanner , with Angel Gold, Ghost White, and Phantom Black being its color options.

So, with all that said, Samsung's Galaxy A80 obviously caters to users in search of a multimedia- and photography-driven wide-screen Android.

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