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- Analysis by KJ David

Released alongside the large Galaxy J8 and the middle-class J6, the Samsung Galaxy J4 is apparently the lowest-specked of the bunch, equipped with only low-cost hardware components, particularly, a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and no more than 2GB of accompanying RAM . In comparison, a decent number of other budget-class 2018 smartphones run on eight-core processors, although ones that are not nearly as promising as the chips powering the best octa-core smartphones around.

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Its unsavory cons also include the absence of Near Field Communication or NFC , a technology that was all but standard -- even in the low-level Android category -- as we were reviewing the J4's specs. Additionally, it does not get too fancy in terms of selfie camera, sticking to an entry-level (resolution-wise) 5-megapixel front-facing cam that fortunately comes with a three-brightness-level LED flash , promising to prevent image degradation and glaring regardless of lighting conditions.

Sitting on the opposite end is the J4's 13-megapixel rear-facing primary camera that's capable of capturing FHD-1080p videos at 30fps -- somewhat a typical facet among 2018-released budget-class Androids.

Powering the J4's pros and cons is a 3000mAh battery , which ends up as a selling point in our book, especially when taking into consideration its low-caliber hardware setup. After Samsung's controlled stress tests, the forenamed cell scores a reassuring 80-hour continuous audio playback time and an 18-hour (1080 minutes) video playback time , both of which were well above the corresponding averages when it entered the market. If you really want a monstrous heavy-duty phone, though, look no further than our list of the best big-battery phones here.

Another appreciable pro is the J4's support for up to 256GB's worth of top-up storage (It comes with 16GB of internal memory), seeing that a lot of its low-budget competitors do not go beyond 128GB external memory allowances.

This Galaxy J edition also features signature Samsung apps like Samsung Health , an inbuilt suite of health-and-wellness tools that tracks the user's sleeping/eating habits and physical activity levels, among other things. Also part of its assortment of pros and cons are the Dual Messenger and App Pair functions, the former letting users use two Messenger accounts concurrently and the latter splitting the screen to accommodate two applications.

Summing up, despite having drawn the shortest straw between itself and its J6 and J8 siblings, the Galaxy J4 could appeal to pragmatists who are meticulous when it comes to battery life and multimedia storage.

** This phone is also known as: Samsung J4

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