Samsung Galaxy S Light Luxury Review & Pros And Cons

Picture of the Samsung Galaxy S Light Luxury, by Samsung

- Analysis by KJ David

Seemingly a spinoff of the Galaxy S9 that was initially pitched to the Chinese market, the Samsung Galaxy S Light Luxury mimics many of the highest-specked phablets on the market in form, but a deeper review of its technical pros and cons suggest that it's not that luxurious of a Galaxy S model.

One of several cons that put it at a disadvantage versus other upscale wide-screen smartphones comes in the form of its 3000mAh-only battery capacity , which does not sound very reassuring, given the decent number of similarly-sized Androids with 4000mAh raw power caps. Moreover, it dials the Galaxy S9's premium-class 1440p display resolution down to only a 1080p sharpness (FHD this time , although its 5.8-inch Super AMOLED interface, which has an expansive 18.5:9 aspect ratio , could still sound like a pro to some multimedia junkies.

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Its unappealing specs also include the 8-megapixel-only resolution of its selfie camera that far from resembles the 13-megapixel-or-higher selfie shooters touted by the best selfie phones available. Looking past its pixel resolution, though, the forenamed selfie cam comes infused with features like AI-powered beauty technologies and real-time background blurring .

At the back, the S Light Luxury sports a 16-megapixel 4K-video-enabled rear camera whose resolution is obviously more promising than that of the S9's 12-megapixel cam. It comes with a 1.12-micron pixel size and has a large f/1.7 aperture.

The S Light Luxury's strong points also include an IP68 rugged certification , making it impervious to to dust and water -- a facet that meticulous users would consider a must-have for any flagship wannabe.

Making up its hardware pros and cons is a dual-cluster octa-core processor running at 2.2GHz + 1.8GHz (Discover the best eight-core smartphones here) that still sounds like a selling point, despite being a downgrade over the S9's monstrous (by early 2018 standards) 2.8GHz engine. It comes with a respectable 4GB RAM count , while a 64GB internal storage memory expandable by a maximum of 400GB is in charge of storage.

Joining the mix is the combination of an iris scanner, a facial recognition system, and a standard rear-mounted fingerprint sensor . Samsung's proprietary Bixby personal assistant as well as the Samsung Pay mobile wallet app are also on board.

Coated in either Black Night or Burgundy Red, the Galaxy S Light Luxury may lack some flair in terms of battery power, but it nevertheless sounds like a viable purchase for those seeking a large-screen, multimedia-driven smartphone.

** This phone is also known as: Samsung S Light Luxury, Samsung SM-G8750

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