Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 Review & Pros And Cons

Picture of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4, by Samsung

- Analysis by Christelle Nina

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 headlines its set of rugged features with an IP68 rating against the ingress of water and dust . On top of this, it's certified according to the US Military standard MIL-STD-810G . This means that the device is shock-proof and is protected against low and high temperatures, intense sunlight, salt-water mists, and vibrations. We can't find the exact materials used for its body and display yet, but we expect to do so by the time of its official release (April 2017).

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One pleasant surprise that we have come across with in reviewing this smartphone's pros and cons is its relatively-compact body (for a device in the highly-rugged subcategory, that is). It's appreciably lighter than many of its peers at 172 grams , which is good news for rugged-phone enthusiasts who are looking for a lighter and handier take on the heavy-duty smartphone. Its 9.7mm-thick profile also effectively sets it apart from many of the competition.

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As can be seen in the comparison below, Samsung has made sacrifices in relation to the Xcover 4's battery to make a sleeker and lighter exterior possible. Its 2800mAh cell just doesn't measure up to its fellows'.

A quad-core Exynos 7570 CPU leads its set of performance specs. While its 1.4GHz processor speed appears to be a middle option among comparable models, its RAM size of only 2GB is on the lower half of the spectrum, as many other options offer 3 to 4GB in this aspect.

Display-wise, we were a bit disappointed with a sub-300DPI pixel density (it manages to display 293DPI only ). We expect more than a 1280 x 720 display resolution from Samsung, especially since many other rugged phones have raised the bar to at least a 1080p display. A promising feature, however, is Samsung's claim that the Xcover 4's display is compatible with glove use .

The Xcover 4 offers Android fans a rugged option that's significantly lighter and thinner than comparable models. Its balance of pros and cons compels the potential consumer to determine if the increased handiness is worth shelving a couple of hundreds of mAh (and settling for a less-than-satisfactory display) for.

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** This phone is also known as: Samsung Xcover 4, Samsung Xcover 2017

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