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- Analysis by KJ David

One of three Sony smartphones unveiled during CES 2018, the Xperia L2 targets the same middle-class Android buyers as its Xperia L1 predecessor, with a few notable perks to go along its modest mid-range cons.

Sadly, the L2's list of specs does not start strong, since it settles for a 5.5-inch HD-only (1280 x 720) screen , which is identical to what its L1 ancestor sports. In comparison, several of its mid-range contemporaries rock FHD-1080p interfaces. Additionally, while octa-core smartphones were already no-brainers in the mid-end Android class as of this data-driven review, the Xperia L2 boldly opts for MediaTek's MT6737T chip, which is a mere quad-core 1.5GHz 64-bit processor . On the bright side, though, its forenamed CPU is coupled with 3GB's worth of RAM , which leaves ample room for gaming and multitasking.

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As for its pros, the Xperia L2 banks heavily on an 8-megapixel 120-degree f/2.4-aperture selfie camera , which obviously takes much-wider selfies than many of its rivals in the mid-end department, seeing that most of them stick to around-80-degree front cams only. It also offers Sony's signature ClearAudio+ and Clear Bass audio technologies , which are both dedicated to optimizing overall audio output, particularly when listening to bass-heavy tracks. At the back, it sports a 13-megapixel f/2.0-aperture primary camera decked out with 3X Clear Image Zoom . On storage duties is a passable 32GB internal memory expandable by a maximum of 256GB , underscoring its inclination towards multimedia.

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Considering its rather lackluster screen and not-too-ambitious hardware, the Sony Xperia L2's 3300mAh battery ends up as a selling point in our book, especially with features like Qnovo Adaptive Charging and STAMINA Mode tagging along. Its adaptive charging technology monitors the battery's health while charging as a method of preventing battery decline. Its pros and cons are also joined by a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner , which was all but standard in this class around the time of its CES 2018 announcement.

In summary, though the Xperia L2's mix of pros and cons has a lot of room for improvement, its respectable battery and wide-angle selfie cam make for a solid mid-range one-two punch.

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