ZTE Prestige 2 Pros & Cons Review

Picture of the ZTE Prestige 2, by ZTE

- Analysis by Christelle Nina

This update to the original ZTE Prestige comes with a bigger RAM, better memory, and an improved selfie camera. In spite of these enhancements, however, it remains to be a basic phone -- especially relative to its competitors.

With 2GB to spare, its RAM is one of the Prestige 2's more attractive specs . This is offset by an underwhelming clock speed of 1.1GHz , however.

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An improved 5-megapixel selfie camera headlines the Prestige 2's imaging pros and cons. But when it comes to the situation at the rear, things are rather stagnant as the 5-megapixel shooter found on its predecessor has been retained -- which means that it remains sub-par compared to similar models.

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Its 854 x 480 screen frankly looks disappointing, as we've come to expect resolutions of at least 720p in 2017 releases. To add to this glaring con, the battery has surprisingly been downgraded to 2035mAh , as well.

As for native memory, it has one of the best offerings in its price range -- listing a local capacity of 16GB . This may somehow explain (but not justify) the relative bulkiness of the 0.39-inch-thick Prestige 2 compared to its colleagues.

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Based on this pros and cons list, it may be concluded that the Prestige 2 is certainly not a prestigious phone by any means -- even in contrast to other budget options. However, it offers a good alternative for those who are looking to buy their first Android -- especially those who are inclined to own a relatively-memory-rich (in terms of ROM and RAM) basic device.

** This phone is also known as: ZTE N9136

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