How To Add Ringtones To Your Android 4.4 KitKat Smartphone For Free

Android made it a tad more difficult to add ringtones to its Android KitKat smartphones (version 4.4.x), but we made it simpler with these 7 easy illustrated steps to adding a ringtone to your Android 4.4 smartphone, for free.

1. Choose A Free Ringtone In WAV, MP3 or OGG format

Here is how to find great free ringtones that are compatible with your Android 4.4 smartphone right here at (numbers refer to the picture):
1. Using your Android's Chrome web browser, navigate to on your smartphone and browse to the main menu.
2. Scroll down to "Browse our free ringtones" and open that link.
3. Choose a free ringtone collection that inspires you. For the purpose of this demonstration, we will use the Far west ringtones, composed by Martin Plante, our home ringtone artist.

2. Choose And Download A Ringtone To Your Android 4.4 Smartphone

The first step involves saving the ringtone of your choice to your smartphone:
1. Let's say we want to install the "Desert renegades" ringtone.
2. Tap and hold the "OGG" link (you could have chosen the MP3 or WAV links too, but OGG is highly compatible with Android devices)
3. ...and tap "Save link."

3. Or Let Our Fun Ringtone Matcher Quiz Find Your 3 Personal Ringtones

There is also a fun way to find your best-matching ringtone among our free ringtones: Use our Ringtone matcher quiz, which finds your best 3 ringtones in less than a minute based on your answer to a few fun questions.

4. Use A File Manager Application To Locate It

You must then use a file manager to retrieve your ringtone on your smartphone, an operation that is easier to achieve using a third-party app.
1. Tap the Home icon at the bottom of your screen to go back to your home screen.
2. Open your phone's application menu, which, on Android 4.4 smartphones, is generally represented by a white circle with 6 dots in it.
3. Browsing alphabetically, locate the Play Store in the list and tap it.
4. Tap the top-right search icon and type "File manager" in the search area.
5. Then, tap the bottom right search icon to display the results of your search.

5. For Instance, Let's Use ES File Explorer

For this demonstration, we will use the free ES Explorer application, but keep in mind that other applications can also help you install a ringtone on your Android 4.4 smartphone.
1. Tap ES Explorer in the list.
2. Tap install to install it...
3. ...and accept the terms and permissions.
4. Wait for the installation to finish.

6. Open Ringtone Settings

1. From your home screen, tap the application icons once again.
2. Browsing alphabetically, locate the Settings icon, usually represented by a gear.
3. From the setting list, tap Sound
4. Your current ringtone should be listed under the header Call Ringtone & Vibrate. Tap it.

7. Now, Locate That Ringtone!

Browse To The Previously-saved Ringtone in your Android 4.4's Smartphone Storage Memory.
1. Your Android 4.4 smartphone should offer you to use either ES File Explorer or Media storage (other options may also be offered). Choose ES File Explorer.
2. Then, scroll down to the Download folder and tap it.
3. Your recently-downloaded free ringtone should be somewhere in the list. Tap it... And you are done!
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