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- Analysis by KJ David

Frankly speaking, the 2017 BLU C5's pros and cons are as simple as its moniker, with its drawbacks ranging from a primitive dual-core 1.3GHz MediaTek 6570 processor (Most other 2017 budget Androids run on quad-core chips) to a deal-breaking 512MB-only RAM capacity . Additionally, it comes with no more than 2000mAh of battery power , but at least its forenamed elementary processing specs are accompanied by a dedicated Mali-400 graphics processor .

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Aside from the hardware cons mentioned above, our review of its technical features also revealed that the C5 sports an old-fashioned 5-inch 854 x 480 (FWVGA) display with a mere pixel density score of only 196ppi . Furthermore, it lacks 4G LTE connectivity , which was all but a standard pro around the time of its market entry, even for low-caliber prepaid Androids. That said, it comes with an equally-basic, but 4G-capable sibling, aptly named the C5 LTE.

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As for the C5's cameras, adept users won't bat an eye on its meager 5-megapixel HD-video-enabled (1280 x 720) main camera and 3.2-megapixel-only selfie cam . It does, however, manage to equip both its cameras with an LED flash -- the front-facing flash being a particularly nice touch, given its rather mundane profile of pros and cons.

Among the BLU C5's other facets are its 8GB internal memory and 64GB maximum microSD card support , which sound like positive things, at least when compared to what a ton of other dual-core-only smartphones have -- usually only 4GB of native storage and up-to-32GB memory card allowances. Also, while not many similar models come with a color palette going beyond classic black-or-white, the C5 is offered in Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold (Glossy Black is still an option). A curved display glass rounds out its list of features.

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Long story short, the BLU C5 is a pretty dull 2017-released smartphone specs-wise, although, as a consequence, it fits our description of a novice- or senior-friendly phone .

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