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- Analysis by KJ David

When its comes to hardware pros and cons, BLU's 2018 C6 is certainly a low-caliber smartphone, being modestly-powered by a MediaTek 6580 quad-core processor running at a sluggish (by 2018 standards) 1.3GHz , alongside which is an equally-disappointing 1GB-only RAM and a rudimentary Mali-400 graphics processor . That said, it shares the forenamed specs with a lot of other entry-level unlocked smartphones -- while you're here, make sure to check out Phonerated's list of the best unlocked phones from BLU.

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The C6's 5.5-inch display ends up as a con in our book as well, seeing that it settles for a 1280 x 720 (HD) resolution and a low 267ppi pixel density . As of this technical review, we have grown allergic to HD-only definitions on on phones with at least 5.5 inches of screen real estate. Its lack of 4G LTE connectivity (Explore the newest 4G phones here) sounds like huge turn-off as well.

Those drawbacks aside, the BLU C6 comes with a bit more flair on the imaging front versus most of its starter-class competitors, being one of the cheapest dual-camera-equipped Androids to date. Its dual-lens rear camera is made up of an 8-megapixel primary lens and a 2-megapixel deputy lens, with Bokeh Mode , which is a photography technique that blurs out the background to provide more focus on the subject, leading its imaging pros and cons. As for selfies, its basic 5-megapixel front camera comes with an LED flash of its own , obviously to enhance the lighting conditions when shooting selfies in poor lighting conditions.

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Joining the C6's features are a 16GB (or 8GB, depending on which variant you go for) maximum internal memory that can be expanded by up to 64GB, and a decent 2500mAh battery pack. It features the Go Edition of Android 8.1 Oreo , which is essentially a version of the full-blown Oreo operating system that comes with stripped-down versions of basic Google applications in order to take up less phone storage and consume less data, making it a fitting choice for Androids with low-caliber hardware components.

Available in colors like Gold and Dark Blue and offering with two SIM card slots, the BLU C6 is a smartphone for those looking for a cheap entry into the world of dual-lens imaging.

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