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- Analysis by KJ David

BLU's Grand LTE is an unlocked smartphone (Check out the best unlocked dual-SIM phones here) that targets the same budget-cautious clientele as its direct predecessor, the Grand M2. Its not-so-grand specs include a hardware setup that hardly passes 2018 entry-level benchmarks, consisting of a mundane MediaTek 6739 1.4GHz quad-core processor and a discouraging 1GB-only RAM -- some of its closest competitors pack 2GB RAMs.

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While its wider-than-usual 18:9 screen aspect ratio , which was a common facet among the best phablets as of this review, is a surefire pro for a low-caliber smartphone, its 5.3-inch display winds up as a disgruntling con in our book notwithstanding, seeing that it has a mediocre 960 x 480 screen resolution (One of the lowest resolutions on an 18:9 interface) and, consequently, a mere 203ppi pixel density .

Having said that, the Grand M3 runs on the Go Edition of the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system , which is designed specifically for phones with the its kind of pros and cons. It features watered-down versions of basic Google applications that are meant to consume way less data and phone memory versus their full-blown counterparts.

The BLU Grand M3 reels in 4G LTE network speeds , just like the ones in this Phonerated list of the newest 4G phones, which is somewhat reassuring, knowing that some other low-end contenders still stick to primitive 3G network adapters. Its feature set also includes a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and an encrypted file management system for data security.

As for its imaging pros and cons, the Grand M3 sports a low-resolution 5-megapixel front-facing camera right above its display, with a dedicated front-firing LED flash trying to spice it up. On the opposite end, it touts a typical (by 2018 low-end standards) 8-megapixel LED-flash main camera offering a standard 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) maximum video-recording resolution.

This introductory Android is loaded with 16GB of native memory , although an 8GB-only version is also offered -- both versions support up to 64GB of top-up storage. It is powered by a tolerable 2500mAh battery and it dons either a Gold or a Black finish.

In the end, despite being riddled with low-caliber features, the Grand M3 ends up as a practicable smartphone for Android newbies.

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