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- Analysis by Christelle Nina

The BLU R2's 8-megapixel main camera doesn't really stand out compared to those of similar models from other brands, seeing that this imaging caliber is pretty common in its subcategory. However, it's the runaway winner in our selfie sensor comparison shown below. To add, its 8-megapixel front-facing shooter is also equipped with an LED flash -- a feature that's somehow become a BLU staple offering for many of its 2017 smartphone releases.

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To add, this Android Nougat phone also has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner . Previously seen only on mid-range to high-end devices, seeing this feature on a budget-friendly phone is a definite pro.

In spite of its nice-looking curved glass front and aluminum back cover , the R2 suffers the fate of having a thick 9.6mm exterior . Granted, it does deserve due credit stemming from its relatively-promising 3000mAh battery -- the spec which is most likely the key cause of the added bulk factor.

Moving on to its performance-related pros and cons, the BLU R2 has to endure the pitfalls of a small 1GB RAM and an equally-lacking 8GB local memory . As far as its quad-core processor is concerned, it rates as a fairly-acceptable device with a clock speed of 1.3GHz

One obviously can't reasonably-expect a 1080p-and-beyond screen from such a low-end device. As such, the R2 manages to offer only a 720p resolution on its 5.2-inch display. If it's any consolation, the end result of this resolution-and-size-combo is a fineness rating of 282DPI -- a marginally better value than a number of other competing options.

The BLU R2's specs definitely still scream "budget device" in the end. However, it deserves some merit for squeezing in a promising front camera and a fingerprint-scanning function. Its pros and cons seem fairly-balanced, making it a viable choice for consumers looking for a starter Android device with a bunch of more-premium features here and there.

** This phone is also known as: BLU R010P

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