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- Analysis by KJ David

Although the 2017 BLU R2 Plus is obviously a sequel to the R1 Plus, it's not an entirely better smartphone, seeing that it reduced the older phone's reassuring 4000mAh battery capacity down to only 3000mAh , consequently dropping out of the big battery smartphone race. Having said that, it does promise up to 30 days of standby time -- roughly 125 percent longer versus the average value as of this analysis. Going back to its cons, the R2 Plus comes with a 32GB internal memory expandable by up to 64GB , which is tad disgruntling, knowing that it is a mere carbon copy of the R1 Plus's storage cap, not to mention that several tantamount mid-range smartphones support up to 128GB microSD cards.

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Among the R2 Plus's favorable specs (in other words, pros) are its front-and-back 13-megapixel cameras, each with their own accompanying LED flash . In comparison, a good number of other models in this Android category settle for only 8- or 5-megapixel selfie shooters, so its 13-megapixel front cam certainly puts it closer to the best selfie smartphones. Moreover, it upgrades its predecessor's measly 5.5-inch HD-720p display to an FHD-1080p one of a similar size , clearly picking up on 2017 mid-end smartphone trends. It also features an appreciable coupling of a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and encrypted quick access over on the security front.

Just like the R1 Plus, this sequel model comes with a hearty 3GB RAM , but it scraps the older model's basic quad-core processor for an eight-core chip , which means that it has better prospects of handling heavy multitasking, despite clocking in at an unremarkable 1.3GHz (The CPUs of some of its eight-core rivals are clocked at 2GHz or higher). Also sitting in the engine room is a Mali-T720 graphics processor , which is just the right GPU, given its other pros and cons.

Wrapping up the R2 Plus's features are standard 4G LTE connectivity, dual micro SIM card slots, and an aluminum battery lid met by a curved display cover glass up front. It runs on the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system out of the box.

So, here's what our review of the R2 Plus's pros and cons reveals: It's an overall mid-range BLU smartphone tailored to users who lean heavily towards selfie-snapping and multitasking.

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