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- Analysis by Christelle Nina

With BLU's Studio J line being one the brand's most budget-friendly lineups, one can already imagine the quality of specs in the J1 upon knowing that it is the entry-level model in this aforementioned series of ultra-cheap smartphones. With that said, once expectations had been properly-managed, one is bound to eventually find a few pros in this particular device.

Spotting a dual-core MediaTek processor in the J1's specifications list is surely off-putting. However, closer inspection reveals a clock speed of 1.3GHz , which is faster than many other models in its market. Still, we would have liked a bit more RAM than the 512MB that had been supplied to it.

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Next, we allot some space for what seems like a steady strategy from BLU -- settling for unremarkable camera specs (with raw megapixel counts of 2MP and 5MP for the front and rear sensors, respectively), but making sure to give the device an edge by furnishing it with a front-facing LED flash .

As far as display pros and cons go, this phone unsurprisingly brings in only the basics with a 4-inch 800 x 480 screen. Resolution-wise, it's level with most other competing phones. What gives it an edge, however, is the mini screen size that is advantageous when the final pixel density of 233DPI is considered.

In spite of lacking a formidable battery, the BLU Studio J1 stands thick and heavy compared to similar models. The 135-gram , 10.3mm-thick smartphone houses a 1350mAh-only power pack .

As mentioned earlier, one cannot expect mind-blowing specs from this Android's pros and cons list. However, its selfie flash and clock speed still deserve some merit for standing out against those of similarly-priced devices. With this, should these aforementioned specs be on the list of your priorities, then the BLU Studio J1 is definitely a starter phone to consider.

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** This phone is also known as: BLU S050Q

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