BLU Studio X8 HD (2019) Review of Pros And Cons

Picture of the BLU Studio X8 HD (2019), by BLU

- Analysis by KJ David

Although it is considered a revamped version of the Studio X8 HD (S530) that came out in 2016, the BLU Studio X8 HD 2019 (S532) is nevertheless a modestly-specked Android Go smartphone tailored to first-time users and those looking for a cheap backup phone -- it was priced at 50 dollars as of this specs-driven review.

Its biggest cons come in the form of an ancient-sounding 1.3GHz quad-core processor that flounders in comparison to its 2016 predecessor's 1.4GHz octa-core engine, not to mention that it kills any chances of this BLU model joining Phonerated's list of eight-core-powered smartphones. Additionally, its unassuming processor is accompanied by a paltry 1GB-only RAM and a Mali-400 graphics engine that's pretty standard among low-end Androids.

Its array of pros and cons is also tainted by the absence of 4G LTE connectivity , which, at the time of writing, had become a standard facet, even in the lowest smartphone category -- check out some of the newest 4G phones here. This Studio model also suffers from a 2000mAh-only raw battery capacity , whereas a few of its entry-level rivals pack 3000mAh battery cells.

As for its selling points, the Studio X8 HD 2019's Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition operating system sets it apart from most other low-end smartphones on the market, since the forenamed platform is a stripped-down version of Android 8.1 Oreo that's designed to conserve battery power and storage. Also, it features watered-down versions of essential Google applications as a method of consuming less mobile data.

Its patterned battery lid winds up as a slight pro as well, if only because it separates the X8 HD 2019 from most other 2018 low-end options physique-wise. Additionally, its 5-inch HD (1280 x 720) IPS display sounds rather appreciable, knowing that several of its slightly-older unlocked BLU cousins settle for 540p (qHD) and 480p (WVGA/FWVGA) definitions only.

As for its cameras, this dual-SIM BLU phone touts a so-so 8-megapixel primary cam accompanied by a standard LED flash and a Full HD (1080p) maximum video-recording resolution. Sitting right above its display is an old-fashioned 5-megapixel-only selfie camera that's no different from what the original X8 HD model offers.

With an 8GB memory expandable by up to 64GB rounding out its low-caliber pros and cons, the Studio X8 HD 2019 sounds like a passable essentials-only smartphone.

** This phone is also known as: BLU X8 HD 2019

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