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- Analysis by KJ David

Initially carried by Boost Mobile, the ZTE Tempo X is a wallet-friendly (It was pegged at only $80 at the time of writing) entry-level Android 7.1.1 Nougat smartphone whose pros and cons are as unambitious as its initial price.

Some specs that we find way out-of-tempo, especially in comparison to many other 2017-released introductory Androids, include its sub-standard 5-inch FWVGA screen . That translates to a resolution of only 854 x 480 pixels, obviously shuddering when pitted against the qHD-540p and HD-720p definitions boasted by some of its low-end competitors.

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Unsurprisingly, its low-caliber display is powered by a relatively-slow 1.1GHz quad-core MSM8909 processor with no more than 1GB of RAM to work with. Obviously, this means that you won't get much in terms of multitasking, but if you're looking for a starter-class smartphone, that's probably not a top priority anyway. As for power, the Tempo X's 2200mAh-only battery capacity may sound a bit off-key, considering that some comparable models reach as high as 2500mAh, but its 882-minute talk time (14.7 hours) nicely passes the 780-minute average as of this write-up.

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The Tempo X hits some pretty sour notes on the imaging front as well, opting for an age-old 5-megapixel primary camera accompanied by an even-more-underwhelming 2-megapixel-only selfie shooter . Its 8GB native storage and up-to-32GB external memory support does not impress us either.

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At the very least, this low-class ZTE Android offers an inbuilt Mexico roaming capability , which basically lets you stay connected (without having to swap SIM cards) when traveling to Mexico. Its 4G LTE network adapter is a decent effort as well, but it hardly digs the Tempo X's array of pros and cons out of its entry-level grave.

Our verdict: Though the ZTE Tempo X's feature set does not quite keep up with the 2017 tempo, it still sounds like cheap introductory device for those who are new to the Android world.

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