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- Analysis by KJ David

Otherwise known as the ZFive G LTE for GSM networks, the ZTE ZFive C LTE (CDMA) is an entry-level smartphone whose pros and cons are tailored to basic users and those in search of a cheap introductory Android (It was pegged at 50 dollars as we were writing this). Among its downsides is its dinosaur-esque 5-inch 854 x 480 (FWVGA) display , which obviously shudders in comparison to the HD (720p) screens offered by a few other Tracfone-carried prepaid smartphones listed here on Phonerated.

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This prepaid ZTE model also does not look to impress anyone hardware-wise, running on a low-class Qualcomm quad-core processor (MSM8909) clocked at 1.1GHz , whereas some competing entry-level smartphones load their specs on the back of basic octa-core engines (Check out some popular eight-core-powered models here). That being said, its 2GB RAM count sounds somewhat appreciable, knowing that a lot of similarly-specked smartphones settle for pitiful 1GB RAMs only.

The ZFive C LTE's cons also include a 2200mAh battery whose self-attributed scores, particularly, its 10-hour talk time (600 minutes) and 8-day maximum standby time , were both below the corresponding averages at the time of this technical review. That said, we like its 16GB memory expandable by up to 256GB , seeing that a lot of its low-end rivals suffer from 8GB storage caps and support only up to 32GB of external space.

The rest of its pros and cons include a mundane 5-megapixel rear-facing camera that's at least equipped with a standard LED flash and autofocus, with a 2-megapixel-only secondary cam sitting up front for selfies. It comes with a 4G-LTE network adapter , just like the ones in this gallery of the newest 4G-ready phones, consequently landing a full level higher than its miserable 3G-only competitors in terms of connectivity.

With an M4/T3 hearing aid rating and the Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS topping it off, the ZFive C LTE seems like a decent choice for users who just want the essentials.

On-paper Review score:

Let's Look at the Cons:

Sub-standard selfie cam:

In 2020, we would expect more than only 2-megapixel of selfie camera resolution.

Unknown weight:

It's frustrating that we were not able to find information about its weight.

Now, the Pros:

Acceptable radiation level:

There are phones with a lower radiation rating, but 0.63 w/kg is quite acceptable, on a scale of 0 to 1.60...

Quad microprocessor:

Not only does it have a 1.1GHz processor clock speed, but it also has 4 cores.

Good battery life:

ZTE says that the ZTE ZFive C LTE provides 600 minutes of talk time. If it proves true in the real life, it may be a great advantage.

** This phone is also known as: ZTE ZFive G LTE (GSM version)

*** These cons and pros are computer-generated based on our proprietary algorithm and the specs we found for this phone. Should you spot an error, please let us know.

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