Latest Windows Smartphone Models 2024

Latest Windows Smartphone Models

Microsoft came out late with its Windows Phone OS, its smartphone operating system designed to compete with the iPhone series and increasingly popular Android phones. A few manufacturers, including HTC, LG, Samsung and Dell, launched WinMo (Windows Mobile) phones towards the end of 2010 and Nokia created a line of Windows smartphones (mostly the Lumia series).

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Even with a smaller sample of reviews, based on this phone's aggregated rank of 72%, we are confident that the is currently Phonerated's best phone 2024. Furthermore, we think that our 98 reviews sampled across multiple sources give us a safe-enough confidence level that justifies making it the most interesting choice as of now.

Based on star rating of 7 averaged over 98 reviews, we rank this model second best phone. * This list, by the way, is based on an in-depth computation of hundreds of Windows smartphone reviews from multiple sources.

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Did you know all Windows phones must include at least 8 GB of Flash memory, an FM radio tuner and seven hardware buttons including "Back, Start, Search and Camera."

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