BlackBerry KEYone Review of Pros And Cons

Picture of the BlackBerry KEYone, by BlackBerry

- Analysis by Christelle Nina

One of the most glaring changes that Blackberry has decided to apply to the KEYone is the major scale-down on its imaging features. Previously-released flagship Androids from the brand had camera resolutions that went as high as 21 megapixels, but the KEYone sports a watered-down 12 megapixel rear sensor . Nonetheless, it's still capable of recording 4K videos at the standard 30fps. Its selfie cam also remains competitive at 8-megapixels. This front-facing option records 1080p videos and is equipped with a light-up LCD flash for the occasional vanity shot. However, the lack of autofocus for the selfie camera may be considered as a con at this point, especially now that even lower-end models (like the Nokia 6, for instance, which is its early 2017 contemporary) are starting to provide this option.

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Its 4.5-inch IPS display sits on top of the physical keyboard. Doing away with the more common 16:9 ratio and opting for 3:2 instead, the Blackberry has equipped the KEYone with a display resolution of only 1620 x 1080 pixels , which is smaller than the latest top-tier Androids, like the Google Pixel, as of March 2017.

Like what one would traditionally expect from a Blackberry, this device boasts of security-centered features like the DTEK app. The physical keyboard doesn't just conceal a fingerprint scanner, but it interestingly functions as a track pad , as well. One may argue about the usefulness of such a feature on a touch screen phone, but it's encouraging to have that option, nonetheless. The KEYone also keeps the tradition of hosting a multitude of shortcuts accessible via the keyboard and the customizable convenience key at the side .

As far as performance goes, an octa-core processor runs at a decent-but-unexciting clock speed of 2GHz. Its memory specs are also a bit inferior compared to other flagships, with only 3GB of RAM and 32GB of native storage . An exciting feature, for Android diehards especially, is that the KEYone runs a stock version of Android Nougat , which means that one can expect a cleaner and simpler interface.

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Building on the positives in this pros and cons list is its battery. 3505mAh's worth of power , particularly for a device that does not go all out on display and imaging specs, could potentially mean going far longer without plugging your smartphone in (compared to what people would usually get from high-performance flagships). It also comes with a promising Quick Charge feature that's devised to fill up half the tank in 36 minutes.

From the KEYone's pros and cons list, one can conclude that Blackberry has established this smartphone not as a multimedia powerhouse, but as a battery and usability-focused device that may excite those who would favor a physical keyboard on their Android.

** This phone is also known as: BlackBerry KEY One

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