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- Analysis by KJ David

An updated version of the Nokia 106, which entered the market way back in 2013, the Nokia 106 2018 comes with somewhat the same essentials-only mix of pros and cons delivered by its ancestor. In fact, the biggest difference between the two models seem to be their physiques -- the older version touts a boxy candybar shell, while this 2018 edition dons a contoured body. Nevertheless, this version, like the older one, calls up Phonerated's list of senior-friendly and basic phones.

Starting off with its cons, this call-and-text phone does not come with any camera , which, as of this specs-based review, was no longer a rare facet in the basic phone category. In a similar manner, its lack of a microSD card slot (It comes with a 4MB native memory, which translates to about 500 SMS and 2000 contacts) sounds quite off-putting, since a good number of its candybar competitors double up as portable storage devices through their external memory card sockets.

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As for power, this follow-up to the 106 banks on a removable 800mAh battery whose raw power capacity is far from reassuring, given the number of other models with tantamount pros and cons packing up to 1200mAh cells.

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That said, its 15.7-hour maximum talk time (942 minutes) and 21-day maximum standby period sound passable, at least by 2018 basic phone standards.

The 106 2018 touts a minuscule 1.8-inch QQVGA (160 x 120) screen and offers two mini SIM card slots , the latter of which winds up as a solid pro in our book, coming from a basic bar phone like itself. By the way, don't forget to check out some popular dual-SIM phones here.

Under the hood, it is powered by a typical (among basic phones) MTK 6261D processor with no more than 4MB of accompanying RAM. It supports 900/1800MHz GSM network bands. Lastly, although the 2013 106 was offered in Red, White, and Black, this 2018 sequel is only available in a Dark Gray finish.

Long story short, the 106 2018 is a simple bar phone for users who are looking for a cheap call-and-text phone or a backup device for their smartphones.

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