Latest Easy Phones For Seniors, As Of 2024

Simple Phones For Seniors

There is a growing variety of simple cell phones made specifically for senior users, of which the obvious leaders are Jitterbug and Doro, with their PhoneEasy series. Not only are these phones equipped with supersized keypads, some of them also display numbers and call information in very large fonts on high-contrast displays. In some models, also expect special 911 keys or one or two quick-dial keys in which the number of a relative or a caretaker can be programmed.

Some easy phones for the elderly push the concept of ease of use as far as including accessories like a charging cradle and even a Lanyard, to make it easy for users to find their phone in case of emergency.

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Can't afford a special phone for your aging relatives or friends? No problem! Just use any old, discarded phone since, as a courtesy, carriers will generally forward calls to 911, even from a deactivated and old cell phone.

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