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- Analysis by KJ David

Not to be confused with an antiquated model of roughly the same name, the 2019 Nokia 2720 Flip is not quite a smart flip phone (It runs on KaiOS, which has its own app store and aims to bring smartphone-like features to cheap phones), but its pros and cons tell us that it's not that dull of a clamshell phone either.

Kicking off with its drawbacks, this 2019 feature phone relies on low-key hardware specs only. These include a Qualcomm 205 1.1GHz dual-core processor and a measly 512MB RAM . In comparison, a few competing flip phones listed here on Phonerated run on quad-core engines and pack at least 1GB of RAM.

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Adding to its cons is a 1500mAh battery that does not quite reach our 2000mAh sweet spot for 2019 basic and feature phones. By the way, while you're here, check out the leading big-battery models available as of this on-paper review.

The 2720 Flip is loaded with 4GB of memory and it supports up to 32GB of top-up storage. In contrast, several tantamount flip phones pack a twice as much memory, at 8GB, and support hefty 128GB memory cards. That being said, most older models come with lower memory capacities, so its 4GB storage cap is not that depressing to us.

Despite its those weaknesses, this rather modest flip phone is not without a couple of pros, the biggest of which is its 4G-LTE network compatibility , putting it slightly above most older flip models connectivity-wise -- it comes with Facebook and WhatsApp out of the bat.

Its features also include two independent screens , which we consider an outright selling point within this phone category. Its main display is a basic 2.8-inch QVGA (320 x 240) panel, while its external screen is a 1.3-inch square (240 x 240) facade that gives users a quick glance of the battery level and notifications without having to flip the phone open.

This hearing-aid-compatible Nokia model offers a dedicated Google Assistant Button as well as an Emergency Key that lets users ring pre-defined contacts during urgent situations -- a feature that it shares with a lot of easy phones for seniors.

With a coating of either Gray or Ocean Black rounding its pros and cons, the 2720 Flip caters to aging users, non-techies, and those eying a well-rounded backup phone.

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