Wiko Ride Review of Pros And Cons

Picture of the Wiko Ride, by Wiko

- Analysis by KJ David

French brand Wiko's first release after its entry into the US phone market is the 2019 Wiko Ride, which, insofar as our review of its pros and cons is concerned, is not that wild of a ride. Like a few other Boost-Mobile-carried smartphones, it settles for a mundane 5.45-inch display with an FWVGA+ resolution of only 960 x 480 pixels , although it does adapt the popular (as of this technical Phonerated analysis) 18:9 aspect ratio -- many older budget smartphones have less-expansive 16:9 screen setups.

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Still on its cons, the Ride touts a dated 5-megapixel rear-facing main camera and an even more old-fashioned 2-megapixel-only front-facing secondary cam for selfies. Note that many competing low-enders offer at least 8-megapixel rear-facing cameras and that even 5-megapixel selfie shooters were already considered disappointing as we were writing this. This Wiko model also feeds off a 2500mAh battery that sounds humdrum, at least compared to the 3000mAh cells lugged by a few of its low-specked prepaid competitors. Its battery promises up to 14 hours of continuous talk time (840 minutes), which was just below the average value around the time of its market entry.

The Ride is not without some redeeming pros, though, one of which is its quad-core 2GHz processor , which clocks in higher than the quad-core engines powering most other low-end smartphones of its generation -- they usually use engines that peak at roughly 1.3GHz only. It is accompanied by a so-so 2GB RAM, while a 4G-LTE network adapter headlines its connectivity specs.

On storage duties is a passable (by low-end measures) 16GB internal memory that, regrettably, can only be expanded by up to 32GB -- many similarly-specked models allow 128GB or even up to 256GB of external storage.

With the Android 9.0 Pie ecosystem rounding out its pros and cons, the Wiko Ride makes for a viable choice for those in search of an essentials-only smartphone.

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